Verbal threat, Vehbi Kajtazi, Pristina, 14.09.2017

Editor-in-chief of “” Vehbi Kajtazi informed the Association of Journalists of Kosovo to have received a death threat. Kajtazi said that he was threatened by MP Beke Berisha that, according to journalist, went to a restaurant which is owned by Kajtazi’s friend and sent the message: “Tell your friend that if he mentions my name again in newspaper, bullet in the head awaits you”.

State Kosovë
Name and Surname Vehbi Kajtazi
Gender Mashkull
Date 14/09/2017 00:00
City Prishtinë
Type of Incident Frikësim – kërcënim verbal (përfshirë kërcënimet me vdekje)
From who Nga zyrtarët publik
The Offender / Suspect I Panjohur
Type of media Online
Media Name Gazeta online Insajder
Source Gazetari
Public Prosecutor
Judiciary Ka filluar procedurë ligjore
Judiciary Status
Legal Closure
Has the Journalist Association been notified? Po
Has the incident been reported to the authorities Po
A është raportuar incidenti në prokurori?
Associations Respond AJK board is extremely concerned by this threat and asks for quick investigation by justice institutions. Having in mind the impunity towards attackers or threats against journalists, in this phase AJK asks urgently for support by all relevant institutions including: Kosovo police, prosecution and other institutions to be more active in creation of a better environment to exercise journalism. If such criminal acts continue to be tolerated in which the journalists are the victims, then we would only have an increase of such cases and deeper distrust towards security and justice institutions.
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