Verbal threat, Lumturie Blakaj, Pristina,15.03.2018

Association of Journalists of Kosovo condemned the threat from a security member of the Kosovo Assembly towards journalists Lumturie Blakaj while she was covering the ThSQursday’s session. Blakaj said that she was verbally threatened by the security member while she was consulting an MP. Some other journalists witnessed the incident.

State Kosovë
Name and Surname Lumturie Blakaj
Gender Femer
Date 15/03/2018 00:00
City Prishtinë
Type of Incident Frikësim – kërcënim verbal (përfshirë kërcënimet me vdekje)
From who Sigurimi
The Offender / Suspect I Panjohur
Type of media Radio dhe Televizion
Media Name Radiotelevizioni i Kosoves
Source Gazetarja
Public Prosecutor
Judiciary Nuk ka filluar procedurë ligjore
Judiciary Status
Legal Closure
Has the Journalist Association been notified? Po
Has the incident been reported to the authorities Po
A është raportuar incidenti në prokurori?
Associations Respond Association of Journalists of Kosovo condemned the threat performed by the security member against the journalist and demanded that appropriate measures be taken toward this member. This is the second case that for a short time there were intimidation, threats and aggressive behaviour by the security members of the Assembly of Kosovo against journalists who follow the work of this institution. The AJK has sent worrying letters to the President of the Assembly of Kosovo, Kadri Veseli and to the Kosovo Police General Director, Shpend Maxhuni in order to take measures to stop this misconduct of security members.
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