Attacks on journalists, Blerim Uka, Skopje, 02.11.2017

It is devastating that this incident happened on November 2nd the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists. This kind of attitude of the institutions towards journalists is completely unacceptable and aims to intimidate journalists and encourage self-censorship when reporting on certain court proceedings. Blerim Uka from Pristina and Ibrahim Mahmuti from Skopje were held at the police station for six hours, with the explanation that they were filming the judges at the so-called “Kumanovo” trial. They were fred after six hourse kept in police station.

State Kosovë
Name and Surname Blerim Uka
Gender Mashkull
Date 02/11/2017 00:00
City Prishtinë
Type of Incident Burgosje e paligjshme
From who Nga policët
The Offender / Suspect I Panjohur
Type of media Online
Media Name Indeksonline
Source Mediet
Public Prosecutor
Judiciary Ka filluar procedurë ligjore
Judiciary Status
Legal Closure
Has the Journalist Association been notified? Po
Has the incident been reported to the authorities Jo
A është raportuar incidenti në prokurori?
Associations Respond Association of Journalists of Kosovo condemns the arrest of our colleague and AJK’s member, Blerim Uka in Skopje, Macedonia.AJK asked from Macedonian authorities to release immediately Blerim Uka which would show that they are not obstructive in the work of journalists and violators of media freedom.
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